An overview of the candidates in the Dublin-West by-election

26 Oct

The by-election will fill the seat of recently deceased Brian Lenihan

Cllr Eithne Loftus (Fine Gael) She’s campaigning under jobs growth and backs the present Government’s policies. The upcoming budget and the possible downgrade of Blanchardstown A&E make her campaign more difficult. She argues she’ll be the Government’s voice in Dublin West, as Leo Veradkar is busying himself in cabinet.
Cllr Patrick McNulty (Labour) Has adopted a more critical approach than Eithne Loftus on the current Government. He has said he wants a Windfall tax on the rich, while he wants to reform the planning laws and no downgrade to services at Connolly hospital. Has been less than clear on his views on Corporation Tax as well. Looking to be the second Labour TD in the constituency, along with Joan Burton.

Cllr David McGuinness (Fianna Fáil) The man in charge of rescuing Fianna Fáil’s only Dublin seat. He has called Leo Veradkar’s decision to cancel the Metro West as “premature” and is campaigning behind job creation. The Fianna Fáil top brass have said they are putting everything into getting Cllr. McGuinness elected, since they are not running a Presidential candidate.
Paul Donnelly (Sinn Féin) Donnelly is highlighting the adverse effects of austerity with regards an increase in lawlessness in the area, education cutbacks and the ongoing possible downgrade at Connelly hospital.
Cllr Ruth Coppinger (Socialist party/ULA) Running based on her activism on local issues like the Bin Tax in 2003 and the proliferation of development in and around Blanchardstown. She’s highlighted the need to save Connolly hospital and is campaigning against the Government’s austerity programme. Looking to be the second ULA member in the constituency, along with Joe Higgins.
Roderic O’Gorman (Green Party) Pursuing his Green Party credentials by encouraging public transport infrastructure development, including Metro West. Also promises to campaign for full equal marriage right for all LGBTs in the Dáil.
Peadar O’Ceallaigh (Fís Nua) The first official candidate of Fís Nua, who represent a left-wing burn the bondholders policy. Mr O’Ceallaigh is a former building surveyor and will donate 50% of his wages to support a co-operative in Dublin city centre.
Barry Caesar Hunt (Independent)The former Apprentice candidate claims the Government is not supporting small businesses. Among his ideas are reducing commercial rates on properties and reducing the tax on diesel.

The most controversial issue has been the possible downgrade of Connolly hospital

Benny Cooney (Independent) An employee of Fás. This is fourth attempt at election, after failing in Dublin Central and Westmeath earlier this year.
John Frank Kidd (Independent) Against any downgrade at Connolly hospital and wants a whistleblower’s charter set up.
Jim Tallon (Independent) Failed in his attempt to gain a seat in Wicklow/East Carlow in the general election, among other election failures. Seems to be running on strong left-wing politics, although little is known of him.
Brendan Doris (Independent) Says voting for a member of a politically party is nothing more than voting for a member of a private members club. Complains as well about the lack of democratic accountability on the bailout.
Gary Birmingham (Independent) An outspoken blogger critical of the Government, better known as “Terry Ghsto”.

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  1. Joseph Purple

    October 27, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Cllr Patrick McNulty rocks !
    Ps : This article is racist.


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